Carrier Flow Meter Failure or Erratic Flow Rate

Modifiled By: Matt Micek at May 13, 2022, 8:16 a.m.

  • no flow
  • carrier flow failure


<p>Carrier flow does not register (zero flow), shows reverse direction flow (see attached image of brackets showing reverse direction flow), or shows very erratic flow on the flow meter display. At initial observation, this appears to be a problem with the 3&quot; carrier flow meter. However, this is probably not a flow meter problem.</p>


<p>Look in the sprayer batch tank to see if the batch has a milky color or is foamy. This is an indication of air in the tank. Watch the flow meter display for erratic flow or the brackets indicating reverse direction flow. Do NOT start the pump, but open the 3-inch valve on the manual operation screen to allow water to flow from the tank through QuickDraw onto the ground. Does the flow meter read (look at display on the flowmeter itself). If it does read this flow without pump running, then the pump is likely the problem due to worn pump causing turbulent flow that the meter cannot read. These symptoms are most likely the result of a worn or failing transfer pump that is generating turbulence or incorporating air into the carrier stream. The solution is to rebuild or replace the transfer pump.</p>

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