John Deere Seeders & Drills

Modifiled By: Greg Mumm at Dec. 17, 2021, 8:40 a.m.


Check below for specific kits SureFire has for application on many John Deere drill and seeder models.

SureFire highly recommends the John Deere Rate Controller 2000.  Check out the link below to learn about SureFire's JDRC 2000 compatability.  SureFire offers wiring harnesses, quick start cards, operators manuals and expert support for all your JDRC 2000 applications.

If you prefer the legacy GreenStar Rate Controller, SureFire supports that too.

implement Models

Name Cover Image Date Author Action
JD 1860 Air Drill 11/02/2018 Josh Wolters
JD 1895 Air Drill 11/02/2018 Cedric Green
JD 1990 Air Seeder 11/13/2018 Greg Mumm
JD 1890 Air Seeder 11/02/2018 Josh Wolters
JD N500C Air Seeder 06/16/2020 Greg Mumm
JD 1835 Hoe Drill 10/23/2018 Cedric Green